HMRC expands Affluent Unit increasing tax investigations

A report published by The Times shows significant growth in HMRC’s Affluent Unit which investigates those with an annual income of more than £150,000, or a net worth of between £1 million and £20 million. The unit, which is now focusing on professionals and entrepreneurs, has taken on 68 new inspectors in recent months, bringing the total to 395.

Meanwhile, HMRC’s High Net Worth Unit now investigates individuals with wealth greater than £10m after having reduced its entry criteria by £10m. According to reports, the tax office is targeting 100 criminal prosecutions a year from this group, rather than the previous target of two a year.

In other news, a report has shown that a switch in focus from larger firms to SMEs by HMRC has seen the taxman net an extra £468 million. Larger companies are better positioned to employ specialists who can close down or limit HMRC investigations, whereas SMEs may have a lack of financial experience and be adversely affected by time and budgetary constraints.

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