Management Accounts

Management Accounts

In the current economic climate there is an increased demand for real time financial information. You need to know the current financial position of your business for decision making, providers of finance and suppliers are regularly requesting up to the minute management accounts.

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Mariske Byrnes

Managing Director, BM Connect

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We offer:

Management information - management accounts prepared on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
Key information highlighted - we can review your accounts and provide you with the key performance indicators that will help you make decisions on running your business
Performance measurement - we can prepare financial forecasts with you and review these against actual figures so that you know you are achieving your goals
Benchmarking - we have several software programmes whereby we can benchmark your business against others in your sector

Financial Control and Management

Beavis Morgan can offer clients the opportunity to outsource their entire finance department.

This cost effective bespoke service includes:

Managing the day to day operations - we take care of your invoicing, banking, credit control and payroll duties
Management reporting - in addition to maintaining the books and records we produce timely accurate management reports delivered to the key people in a format that will be best suited to your business needs
Ensuring compliance with statutory obligations - filing of company accounts, corporation tax returns, VAT returns and any other statutory obligations
Providing professional advice - provide advice on accounting, tax, finance and reporting requirements on an on-going basis
Managing staff - we manage, train and direct your finance staff
Providing assistance to multinational businesses - assist with the formation of UK entities
Liaising with external auditors - agreeing terms, preparing information, dealing with queries and delivering the final financial statements

Please contact one of our specialist management accountants, Colin Deegan or Mariske Byrnes, to find out more about how we can help you and your business.

VAT Services

VAT is a very complex area with many pitfalls. There are many rules and regulations that need to be strictly adhered to with severe penalties for non-compliance.

We have the experience and expertise so that we can assist you in all aspects of VAT from completing a VAT return to offering advice on international VAT rules and complex transactions.

Our team are experienced on standard and cash VAT accounting, partial exemption, flat rate schemes, margin schemes and industry specific VAT schemes.

The services we provide are:

VAT registrations and de-registrations - VAT registering or de-registering your business
VAT HMRC web filing - assist you in setting up your web filing account with HMRC
VAT returns - varying degrees of assistance in producing your monthly, quarterly or annual VAT return
VAT EC sales list - provide a monthly or quarterly update to HMRC regarding your EC Sales
VAT advice - provide advice on transactions that may or may not have VAT on them such as VAT on e-services and international transactions
European VAT reclaims - provide assistance in reclaiming VAT from other European countries
Intrastat compliance - provide assistance in Intrastat compliance

Review of Accounting Systems

Having the correct accounting software and system is very important for the efficient running of your finance function. There are many businesses that are using accounting software that is not relevant nor complimentary to their particular needs. In contrast there are many businesses that do not realise the capabilities of their current software, if optimised, could save them time and money.

We have extensive knowledge of many of the leading accounting software packages, including an accreditation from SAGE, one of the most widely used packages on the market. As with our own I.T. function we believe that Cloud based systems are the future so that you have the information you need at your fingertips through your laptop, tablet or a smartphone app.

Whatever your needs are Beavis Morgan can assist you in choosing the right software package.

We can help:

Develop your accounting software - use our expertise to ensure that you are using the full capabilities of your software, therefore, saving time and money
Find the right accounting software - assist in finding the right software to suit the needs of your business and within your budget
Sales invoice/customer statement template on your accounting software package - integrate sales ordering, invoicing and statements to your accounting software
Develop BACS run on your accounting software - link your software package to your business bank account to produce your BACS run
Make use of technology developments - implement new technology to your accounting system. These include Cloud based software, Phone apps and any new products that are released by the accounting software providers
Training - train your employee(s) on how to use the accounting software

Please contact one of our specialist management accountants, Colin Deegan or Mariske Byrnes, to find out more about how we can help you and your business.

Outsourcing and Internal Management Services

The world we live in today is changing at a faster rate than at any time previously experienced, with new and exciting challenges constantly arising. As accountants we know that you need to be out there competing in the market place rather than being tied down with red tape and compliance issues.

All businesses are faced with many burdensome compliance issues together with the effort involved in running a finance function such as; filing VAT Returns, Invoicing, Paying Creditors, Producing Management Accounts for your Bankers, Finding the right staff etc. This coupled with increased legislation, the minefield of compliance, and the associated costs with employing staff can be a strain on resources.

How we can help

At Beavis Morgan we can take care of this side of the business for you. We have an experienced team that deal with these tasks on a daily basis. We offer a bespoke service, from incorporating and registering a start-up business, right up to providing internal financial controllers. By outsourcing part or all or your finance function to us you will save time and money trying to find the right staff, paying for expensive software and training, not having to arrange cover for holidays and sickness. You will also have the benefit of knowing that your finance function is in safe hands. We have a team of highly skilled professionals so that you have confidence that your expectations will be met. Let us take care of your finance, leaving you free to do what you are best at.

The services we can provide are:

Financial Control and Management
Management Accounts
Cashflow Forecasting, Budgeting and Business Plans
VAT Services
Review of Accounting Systems

Please contact one of our specialist management accountants, Colin Deegan or Mariske Byrnes, to find out more about how we can help you and your business.