Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions often provide a business with an opportunity to accelerate growth, vertically integrate its business activities or diversify into similar and/or counter cyclical businesses.

Acquisitions are often the most challenging project that a business can take on. Many fail to meet expectations because of a poor strategic fit, an absence of an integration plan, a failure to fully understand the business being acquired, over gearing the enlarged business and/or overpaying for perceived benefits that do not materialise.

At Beavis Morgan, we can assist you to decide if growth by acquisition is the best solution for your business, provide advice on a suitable method and amount of finance, and assess the risks associated with the acquisition.

Key Contact

Peter Drown

Senior Partner, Beavis Morgan group

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Paul Ashton

Client Partner, Beavis Morgan

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Our services include:

Designing an acquisition strategy
Assessing potential targets and valuations thereof
Assisting in preparing financial projections for the business incorporating the proposed target
Assessing the potential returns to stakeholders, with and without the proposed acquisition
Assisting in sourcing potential funding sources
Advising on the alternative deal structures, including the taxation implications for the business and its owners
Project managing the acquisition process
Commencing the initial approach to potential targets
Negotiating the acquisition terms and conditions
Financial due diligence
Assisting in the preparation of the post-acquisition integration and implementation plan

Please contact Peter Drown, Paul Ashton or your usual Beavis Morgan Partner to arrange an initial no fee no obligation meeting.