Before any transaction is started in detail, it is important that an indication of value of the business subject to to the transaction is undertaken.

In valuing a business, it is important that the valuer understands the business, its position in the market, its own unique selling points and sustainable earnings base. At Beavis Morgan we have a wealth of experience in many industries and expertise in assessing a business’ value. Using these skills we can provide a fair valuation of the business to be subject to the transaction.

Our valuation process identifies the appropriate basis for the valuation and understanding the business’ key drivers, its cash generation ability, sustainable earnings and future potential.

At Beavis Morgan, we can also provide business valuations for circumstances other than a merger and acquisition transaction, such as for inheritance tax, tax planning generally and dispute resolution.

Please contact Peter Drown, Paul Ashton or your usual Beavis Morgan Partner to arrange an initial no fee no obligation meeting.

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