Transaction Services

Transaction Services

All transactions should require assistance in due diligence and related reporting accountant services. Hence, whether you are planning on selling your business, acquiring other businesses, divesting parts of your business or seeking to float the business on a recognized stock exchange, Beavis Morgan can provide the relevant assistance.

Our team offers a range of services to assist you in understanding the risks and opportunities for a business in any type of transaction.

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Paul Ashton

Client Partner, Beavis Morgan

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Peter Drown

Senior Partner, Beavis Morgan group

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Financial due diligence

It is important that areas of concern in any transaction are identified early, so at Beavis Morgan we recommend that a brief initial overview of the business subject to the transaction is undertaken as soon as possible, before the full spectre of financial due diligence is undertaken.

Our financial due diligence approach means that we provide recommendations based on our findings and advice relevant to our client. We believe in ensuring that our due diligence is bespoke to our clients’ needs and we are aware that often our work can be commercially sensitive, so confidentiality is very important.

Our approach to financial due diligence is designed to be communicative, focussed, relevant and commercial. We seek to achieve a thorough understanding of the following:
Business and market drivers
Management team and key motivating factors
Employee costs and benefits
Historical, current and projected performance, including identifying the business’ key performance indicators
Quality of earnings
Working capital management and cash flow generation

Commercial due diligence

Commercial due diligence has become an increasingly important part of the due diligence process. At Beavis Morgan, we consider that this part of the due diligence needs to be undertaken by relevant industry specialists, so we do not undertake this work. However, we do work closely with such specialists and work alongside the commercial due diligence team during the course of our work. This is particularly important in assessing financial projections and the market position and status of the business that is subject to the due diligence.

Please contact Peter Drown, Paul Ashton or your usual Beavis Morgan Partner to arrange an initial no fee no obligation meeting.