In this time of political and economic uncertainty and change, no matter how well planned the business, there is the potential for real financial difficulty that could put at risk all the time and capital invested in your business.

Our experienced team at Moorfields (formerly BM Advisory LLP), a Beavis Morgan group company, has been able to help save many businesses in distress. We support businesses and guide them through their financial crises with sympathy, integrity and professionalism. If, despite everyone’s best efforts, a rescue solution is not possible, we are able to recommend the right formal insolvency option to best preserve the value of the business, whether that be for the shareholders or for the business’ creditors.

We recognise that no two restructuring assignments are the same and each requires a tailored approach.

Key services include:

Corporate advisory and restructuring
Business turnaround and cashflow management
Formal insolvency processes (corporate and personal)
Secured lender services, including pre-lending reviews
Distressed acquisition and debt restructuring
Independent business reviews and business stabilisation
Fraud, forensic and litigation support
Funding solutions and refinancing
Fund raising and investment

Key Contacts

Andy Pear

Partner, Moorfields Advisory

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Mike Solomons

Partner, Moorfields Advisory

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Richard Keley

Partner, Moorfields Advisory

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Adam Mitchell

Director, Moorfields Advisory

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Our team has worked with and for most of the UK clearing banks as well as other UK and foreign banks, asset based lenders, venture capitalists, bond-holders, government departments, regulatory bodies, accountants and lawyers.

All assignments are partner led and supported by a strong team of professionals. We offer a wide specialist industry experience to enable us to deliver sector specific solutions.

If you consider you or a client could benefit from a meeting with them to explore the options available, please contact a member of the Moorfields team or your usual Beavis Morgan Partner.

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