Crowded Places protocol for business owners

New guidance has been issued for those UK business owners or managers with a responsibility for security at crowded places and those who own or run businesses, organisations, amenities or utilities.
The Crowded Places Guidance for the UK covers key areas of protective security including physical, personnel, personal and cyber and outlines information about how different sectors can act to help make their business, institutions or organisations safer.
The HMRC guidance, designed to help assess risk, build a security plan and recover more quickly should there be a terrorist attack, explains that the foundation for the ability to manage during a crisis lies in the preparations made. It explains that it is important that all business owners “recognise the risks, develop security plans, train staff, carry out rehearsal exercises and understand their roles and responsibilities”.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi says: “Terrorist attacks are rare in the UK, but recent events have shown that an attack could happen anywhere and without warning. Those locations either public or private where large groups of people gather, for reasons such as entertainment, business, transportation, sporting or social occasions, have always been preferential targets for terrorists.
“This new and updated guidance is intended to give protective security advice to those responsible for managing the security of crowded places. Every location is different and I would urge those of you who hold this responsibility to review your security using the information in this guidance to reassure yourselves around your Security Plan.”
Click on the link to download the Crowded Places guidance for the UK
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