Nearly 80,000 businesses at risk if rates increase

Insolvency experts have warned that thousands of businesses struggling to maintain a hold on their finances could go under if interest rates were to rise.

Latest industry figures suggest 79,000 businesses would be unable to repay their debts if interest rates were to rise by a small amount, a figure four times the 20,000 businesses saying the same thing less than 12 months ago.

An estimated 25,000 businesses have admitted they were already struggling to cope with the tough trading conditions, with many businesses now possibly lacking the confidence to protect themselves.

Whilst the future remains largely uncertain for UK SMEs, due to the size and nature of their businesses, they have the advantage of being able to be flexible and quick to respond to changing market conditions. The key is to partner with the right specialist adviser who will guide you on your strategy and assist in making those all-important business decisions that will have the greatest impact on future success.

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