Tax relief: Get smart and save money

With the tax man taking an even bigger chunk than ever of your wealth, now is the time to seek specialist tax advice to help you save money.

HM Revenue & Customs pocketed an extra 6.7 per cent in tax revenues in the tax year 2016/17, with an increase in receipts by £35.6 billion to almost £570 billion.

According to recent findings, this was the biggest rise since the recession and it was driven by taxes on wealthy individuals.

Capital gains tax receipts jumped almost 20 per cent, with national insurance contributions and stamp duty on property transactions up 10 per cent, while inheritance tax has also set records.

To find out how we can help you put extra money in your pocket at tax time, contact a member of our specialist tax team. We work across a broad range of sectors, advising entrepreneurial people with business ideas and an appetite for financial growth. Our tax specialists, some of whom are former HMRC Inspector of Taxes, are well versed in dealing with all types of tax issues.

In turn, if you have any concerns or queries relating to the announcements made within the Chancellor’s Budget announcement coming up on 22 November, our tax experts will be readily available to guide you through the tax maze and help you with bespoke solutions to ensure that you and your business are as tax efficient as possible.

Whether you are looking to save on income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, or all three, there are various legitimate tax planning opportunities available to you.

For more information, please contact Alan Ford or you usual Beavis Morgan Partner.