Snow and the impact on restaurants

Weather can have a huge impact on businesses and, this week, restaurateurs will be counting the cost of cancellations and closures brought about by the heavy snow falls.

Inclement weather conditions have forced many restaurants around the UK to close. However, some that have chosen to remain open are offering incentives to customers who brave the snow, such as discounts, two for one meals and free hot drinks. This is a good way to lure customers and ultimately help increase your bottom line.

And whilst snow can negatively impact a restaurant’s ability to thrive, getting creative with how you market your restaurant in accordance with the weather will really help you to manage footfall and be prepared.

For example, restaurants that offer quick delivery may experience an uptake in orders, so make sure you are equipped to provide takeaway, delivery, and eat-in services in cold-weather conditions. Also stock up on winter-warming foods which you know will be popular.

By using data and restaurant analytics to make key decisions, you will better be able to increase business and sales during the slow season. For example, as described in Inc magazine:

“Panera Bread uses weather data compiled by the Weather Underground in its point-of-sale system to record and analyse when certain dishes sell well. If, for instance, Panera finds that its roast beef sandwiches sell best when it’s 65 degrees outside, the company can then promote that product when it’s 65 degrees outside.” 

Whilst the snow and cold weather has impacted just about everybody, businesses that rely on customers coming to their stores and restaurants do experience special challenges.

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