Raising Finance

Raising Finance

Sourcing the right finance for your SME business
All companies will come up against a financial challenge at some point in their business lifecycle. Whether it’s customers paying late, an office move, or some important research and development they must undertake to enhance or develop products or advance their business, meeting these financial needs can make the difference between surviving and thriving or business failure.

Many companies decide to use business finance in these situations, to pay for the up-front project costs.

But, when you are busy running the day-to-day, it is hard to find the time to research all of the funding options available — let alone decide which one to apply for.

Our specialists at Beavis Morgan group company, BM Structured Finance, provide impartial advice on all aspects of business finance, advising and assisting clients in sourcing the right financial products for their specific business needs, as follows:

Sourcing and restructuring working capital finance, enhancing liquidity and maximising growth.
Raising finance secured on debtors, stock, plant and machinery and property. We can even raise unsecured finance.
Helping lenders refinance clients that no longer meet their criteria.
Sourcing development and investment finance for property businesses.

BM Structured Finance’s expertise lies in our deep understanding of the finance market and the products each financier offers. We can then match the most suitable products and work with you to ensure compatibility and satisfaction, adding value to your business or client relationship.

To find the right finance for your situation quickly and easily, contact Simon Belton at BM Structured Finance or your usual Beavis Morgan partner.

For more information, visit: www.bm-advisory.com/what-we-do/looking-to-raise-finance/