London Tech Week 10 to 14 June

London Tech Week 2019 is nearly upon us. Taking place across London from 10 to 14 June and back by the UK government, the week-long festival of tech embraces entrepreneurship, innovation, and knowledge sharing, enabling opportunities for learning, establishing relationships and doing business through a range of live events.

The week, which will focus on connecting science and creative minds, corporates and grass roots, start-ups and scale ups, will cover many themes, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work.

Inclusivity will also be high on the agenda. With only 14.6 per cent of senior UK tech leaders being women and 70.5 per cent of senior executive teams having no BAME members at all, according to an Inclusive Boards report (November 2018), this year’s Tech Week will also seek to address the diversity imbalance with a suite of initiatives to make it easier for people of all backgrounds to enter the technology industry.

Speaking ahead of the event, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who has thrown his backing behind efforts to improve diversity in the technology sector, says that London, which continues to be Europe’s tech investment capital – raising £1.8 billion in venture capital and public funding in 2018, with more IPOs than anywhere else in Europe – should “lead by example” by embracing diversity and doing more to address discrimination in the technology industry.

“It’s important that the tech sector reflects the diversity of the capital,” he said.  “London is Europe’s leading tech hub and our tech sector is a vital source of jobs and growth for the economy. From Fintech to AI, London companies are leading the way in developing ideas and technologies to change the world.”

Adoption of digital technologies and AI are more important than ever to the day-to-day of running of a productive business. This is an opportunity for you to engage with the latest technologies and learn about new solutions for your business. For more information and to register for London Tech Week 2019, visit:

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