BM Advisory – COVID-19: Summary of measures to assist UK businesses

The UK Government has announced a series of financial measures that will provide some support for employers and businesses through the Coronavirus crisis. Included within the proposal are new insolvency measures and why they are considered necessary to help companies survive the pandemic.

With so much information flying around, as well as plenty of misinformation, Beavis Morgan group company, BM Advisory, has provided a summary of the proposals as they currently stand, along with commentary from BM Advisory Partner, Andy Pear.

Click here to view the briefing note: ‘COVID-19: Summary of measures to assist UK businesses‘.

This is a fast-changing situation and it is anticipated that the new measures announced, and the corporate insolvency framework, will continue to evolve in the coming weeks.

The team at BM Advisory is on hand to guide business owners, lenders and investors through the weeks and months ahead, where the survival of as many businesses as possible will be paramount to protecting the UK economy. Please get in touch.