60% Rise in total VAT collected over the past decade

The total value added tax (VAT) collected by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) over the past decade has reached a record high, a report reveals.

VAT receipts, which now represent 21 per cent of HMRC’s total tax take, just behind income tax (31 per cent) and national insurance contributions (22 per cent), have risen by 60 per cent since 2008/09, from £78 billion to £125 billion last year.

The report, published this week, criticises HMRC for becoming “increasingly reliant on VAT to help fund the government deficit” and expresses concerns that the shift of the tax burden onto consumers often disproportionately affects those on lower incomes.

In 2018, HMRC received £180 billion in income tax receipts and £24 billion in corporation tax receipts. Its total tax take increased to a 30 year high of £594 billion.

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