Why SMEs should feel upbeat about 2019

Despite the doom and gloom of Brexit and the impact it is having on the UK economy and British business, there are still plenty of reasons to feel positive about the coming year. Here we summarise a few:

London’s tech sector is booming

Some of the world’s largest tech and creative businesses are setting up in the capital, enhancing London’s reputation as a global tech leader, and pushing up demand for office space. Many investors are looking away from the markets and turning their attention to startups. And, there’s nowhere better to look than London, where the startup community is buzzing, especially in the digital/tech arena, where London still leads the way as the best city in Europe for digital entrepreneurs.

Tourism numbers are up  

Whist British holidaymakers are having to suffer more expensive holidays, the leisure and tourism sector in the UK are benefitting significantly from the plummeting pound which is enticing record numbers of foreign visitors.

The hospitality sector is picking up

Pubs and restaurants are being hailed as the savours of the British high street, with London recording a healthy 2.3 per cent growth in like-for-like sales throughout the sector last month alone.

The startup scene in London remains strong

London remains a hotspot for startups, with its 47 universities, excellent access to financial investments, a number of co-working spaces designed for startups to ease the cost of rents, and the networking opportunities that come with being right in the thick of it, all making the capital an exciting and vibrant option for new businesses and entrepreneurs. Just make sure you partner with an expert business adviser who will provide strategic advice and guidance to help you achieve success and maximise wealth.

At Beavis Morgan, we specialise in working with SMEs and entrepreneurial people across a wide range of sectors, helping them set up and run their own businesses and guiding them through each stage of the process, whilst navigating the challenges and advising them in making the right decisions both now and for the future.

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