Thousands warned they are not eligible for the new state pension

The Government has announced they will be sending out letters to those with less than 10 years of National Insurance contributions, letting them know that they may miss out on the new state pension, due to a lack of contributions.

Letters will be sent by The Department for Work and Pensions "as a one-off exercise" to over 100,000 people who are at risk – those who, by the time they retire, will have fewer than 10 qualifying years of contributions.

The rule, imposed in April 2016, was introduced alongside the new state pension paid to those who reached pension age from April – so letters will go to men born after 6 April 1951 and women born after 6 April 1953.

Pension Strategy

Investing into a pension is still very tax efficient provided you stay within the limits. Make sure you take proper advice from a financial adviser if you plan to include pension investment as part of your 2016 tax planning strategy.

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