The EU Referendum 2016: Preparation key to managing risk and capitalising on opportunities

With the June 23 EU Referendum upon us, our business experts at Beavis Morgan are on hand to provide advice on the initial steps you should be taking in response to the outcome of the referendum.

Changes in market conditions, business funding, taxation, trade and tariffs, the implications of changes to the supply chain – goods, access to skills and people, and economies of scale due of the high level of cross-border integration between the UK and the EU – are just a few considerations for businesses.

Whether a Brexit or a Remain result, preparation is key to managing risk and capitalising on opportunities which may arise. We are here to be your sounding board and to provide the advice and expertise you need to keep one step ahead and remain focused on your ultimate goal of achieving business success.

For more information, please contact Paul Ashton. Alternatively, please get in touch with your usual Beavis Morgan Partner.