Taxes making the UK a harder place to do business

A recent article published by City AM [9 July 2018] looks at how much more complicated the UK tax system has become since the financial crisis.

Since 2008/9 a total of eight new major new taxes have been levied, including the sugar tax, the diverted profits tax, the bank surcharge and the apprenticeship levy.

However, it’s not just the costs of the taxes, but rather the complexity of the system that is causing concern for many, with one spokesperson adding: “Every new tax [following] the credit crunch sounds superficially attractive with admirable ends, but every new tax makes the UK a harder place to do business and helps put off inward investment.”

At Beavis Morgan, we understand the demands placed on SMEs in this convoluted and confrontational tax environment. We therefore work at understanding you, your business and its unique issues, and provide advice and solutions to help you improve your net worth and increase growth and profitability. We even liaise with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Our diverse team of tax professionals are committed to ensuring that your tax reporting obligations are fully satisfied and that every opportunity to lawfully exploit tax savings is made known to you, restructuring your affairs in a tax effective and efficient way.

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