SME Adviser Series: Taking the initiative

Forming strong relationships with customers/clients is an essential component to success. But, whilst this requires time and effort, the rewards can be significant, leading to positive word-of-mouth, increased sales, additional connections and business retention.

Clients/customers want to know that you care. A start point for being able to add value to your customer/client relationships is gaining a clear understanding of them, their business, and their personal and company goals.

Here are a few tips to help you shift from reactive to proactive client/customer relationships:

• Put yourself in your clients shows – anticipate their needs and offer advice accordingly
• Ask clients/customers for feedback
• Quickly alert them to any issues
• Reward loyalty
• Get to know their areas of potential weakness and help to bridge the gap
• Listen to what they are saying online
• Balance email communications with actual verbal engagement
• Be a trusted adviser, and not always a “yes person” – share your opinions and positively challenge decisions

By being proactive with your clients/customers, you will not only strengthen your relationships with them, but they will also become advocates of your business and will therefore be more likely to refer work to you.

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