Sir Ken Dodd leaves his estate to Liverpool

Legendary comic Sir Ken Dodd has left his £28 million fortune to his beloved Liverpool, in a gesture of thanks to the local services which meant something to him, his long-term partner and wife, Lady Ann, hasrevealed.
According to his wishes, the church hall for St John The Evangelist, opposite his former home, Shakespeare North, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital where he was treated for cancer, and Clatterbridge Hospital where he was patron, will all benefit.
Lady Ann, whom Sir Ken married two days before he died so his fortune would go to her rather than the taxman, said: “Ken loved to make people laugh – it was his life, not just a job.
“He had no desire for the trappings of wealth and it was his wish that the majority of his estate will go to charities close to his heart, many of them local.
“As his wife, beneficiary of his estate, and also knowing the contents of the will he made some years ago, I will be able to honour his wishes.”
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