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Media & Technology

Our Media & Technology specialists offer a wide range of services, suited to your business life stage and sector:

Starting up a new business can be a daunting task. Our advice will always be mindful of the needs and objectives of the owners, managers and other stakeholders in the business. We will:

Beavis Morgan’s Media & Technology team specialises in providing expert accounting, tax and business advice to media and technology businesses.

We understand the challenges faced by businesses within this sector. With a particular focus on owner-managed and entrepreneurial businesses, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide practical and tailored solutions to each situation.

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Steve Govey

Client Partner, Beavis Morgan

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Starting up a new business can be a daunting task. Our advice will always be mindful of the needs and objectives of the owners, managers and other stakeholders in the business. We will:


Advise on the tax reliefs available for start up businesses, such as Research & Development tax relief and the Enterprise Incentive Scheme (EIS), and its more generous sibling, SEIS


Make introductions to our banking and solicitor contacts


Work with you in developing a business plan and formalising business strategies


Help to implement management information systems


Advise on the optimum legal structure for your business


Set performance targets and monitor performance


Handle any necessary back office functions including accountancy, payroll and business advice

If a company is to develop and succeed, a robust growth plan is essential. Our team can help you:


Identify research and development costs and advise on how to submit claims for tax credits to maximise the cash flow in your business – for more information visit


Identify the tax-breaks available to your business


Advise on share incentive plans to help motivate and retain key staff


Assist with expansion abroad, by devising optimum structure and making introductions to our overseas contacts

In time you may decide to exit from the business or take the business in a new direction. In order to maximise your personal wealth and reap the rewards from all your hard work, you need advice from a specialist who truly understands your sector. At Beavis Morgan, our Media & Technology experts will:


Ensure your structure qualifies for Entrepreneurs Relief


Prepare the business for sale or flotation


Value the business and its intellectual property


Provide sales negotiation and completion


Raising funds for buy-outs or buy-ins


Act as reporting accountants on IPO’s


Minimise exposure to capital taxes, by ensuring the availability of Entrepreneurs’ Relief

Through the wider Beavis Morgan group, we are also able to assist with the following, helping to increase your wealth and maximise your profitability:


Accountancy & Business Services – preparing accounts and providing added value by way of critical management information


Audit – minimising inconvenience to your business and providing you with the best value for money


Business Advice – using our analytical abilities to solve problems and provide solutions


Restructuring – through our turnaround specialists at BM Advisory, a Beavis Morgan firm


Tax advice – covering all aspects from annual compliance and reporting to bespoke tax planning and structuring, both domestically and internationally

Case Studies

A high tech design and packaging company wanted to ensure Entrepreneurs Relief would be available to its non-exec Chairman. By devising a special class of shares we were able to ensure the restrictions relating to sub 5% shareholdings could be overcome.

An on-line games developer was disappointed by the amount of repayment received on a Research and Development tax claim submitted by its previous advisor. Using our greater experience in this area we were able to reopen the claim and received a further payment of nearly £60,000 for a company with a turnover of less than £1million.

A small communications agency was facing the loss of its largest client through lack of representation in key offshore territories. By using our overseas contacts we were able to help with opening offices in Singapore and Dubai, ensuring both local support and robust procedures relating to transfer pricing, overseas funding and repatriation of profits.

A media agency was struggling to motivate key staff through bonuses because of a dip in profitability. We devised a tax efficient EMI share scheme (Employee Management Incentive) which instead rewarded staff through hare awards at considerably less cost, and also encouraged staff retention.

Please contact Steve Govey to find out more about how we can help you and your business.