Racing to Relate – helping former racehorses to help people

Beavis Morgan is proud to be associated with Racing to Relate, with Peter Drown, Beavis Morgan Senior Partner, serving as trustee of the charity.

Founded in 2019, Racing to Relate (R2R) focuses on nurturing a long-term positive impact on Thoroughbred welfare, as well as international industry-level support for the Thoroughbred/Human partnership beyond racing. R2R hopes to create a global standard for off-track Thoroughbreds within the Equine Assisted Services (EAS) sector, implementing a long-term research programme, engagement and education, and disseminating evidence-based guidelines within the racing industry, EAS and the wider public.  The charity’s methodologies include the study of animal behaviour and welfare research, as well as analysis and strong evidence-based storytelling about use of off-track Thoroughbreds within the wider EAS context.

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