Property or Pension?

The Bank of England's chief economist, Andy Haldane, recently claimed that property, not pensions, was "almost certainly" the best bet for retirement investment. The debate has however raged for generations: is property or a pension better for saving for retirement?

According to analysis by researcher company, Finalytiq, property is not something to stake your retirement on, because savers have suffered the wrath of the rising house prices, leaving them spending huge proportions of their salaries on paying off their loans. But, on the flip-side, Lucian Cook of Savills believes that prolonged low interest rates means property will remain popular among investors, despite a greater stamp duty burden on second homes, reduced income tax relief on interest payments and the prospect of buy-to-let mortgage regulation.

With house prices soaring by almost 300 per cent over the past quarter of a century, and with a pension pot traditionally being considered your best chance of securing a decent income when you retire, it's no wonder the UK public is confused. Either way though, financial security in retirement does not just happen. It takes planning and commitment, and money too!

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