Prime minister calls for 2017 general election

In a surprise announcement made outside Downing Street on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap general election to take place on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Making the announcement, Mrs May said she called the election as Britain needs "certainty, stability and strong leadership" during the Brexit negotiations and beyond.

She added that, despite predictions of a sudden financial and economic crisis, since the vote to leave the European Union, the UK has seen "consumer confidence remain high, record numbers of jobs, and economic growth that has exceeded all expectations.

"Now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee stability for the years ahead is to call this election and seek support for the decision I will take."

Responding to the news of the snap UK general election in June, financial commentators are however warning of increased market volatility.

Speaking to Investment Week, asset manager Steven Andrew advises not to be confident of any prediction outcome, adding that the path between now and 8 June is "unlikely to be a smooth one."

SMEs – To succeed you must prepare

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