Poor financial advice leaves England footballer at the “mercy” of HMRC

In an upcoming biography, former England footballer Ian Wright said he found himself with major tax issues as a result of poor financial advice received at the height of his career. This left him teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and "at the complete mercy" of HMRC.

At Beavis Morgan, we know how critical it is that professional sportsmen and women, who are often in a very high income bracket, put in place a sound financial plan early in their careers in order to optimise their wealth and plan ahead for when that monthly pay packet ceases to arrive.

Our full range of business and tax advisory services are tailored to the sector and our knowledge of the specific needs and challenges that may arise enable us to apply the right solutions for each individual circumstance. Our strong presence in the sports sector means we are well versed in advising sports clubs, individuals, service and management companies, as well as event organisers, governing bodies and a number of other sporting organisations.

Our tax specialists, some of whom are former HMRC Inspector of Taxes, are also experts in dealing with all types of tax issues and, if required, are able to oversee HMRC disputes on your behalf. What's more, if you have any concerns about your personal financial situation or that of your business, our specialist team at BM Advisory are available to assist in providing innovative solutions best suited to your individual situation.

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