New rules for German exports

Exporters of goods to Germany must now comply with the new German Packaging Law. Anyone planning to circulate packaging in a commercial capacity in the country for the first time will be affected by the new Act. This will include manufacturers, distributors, importers as well as online retailers.

The main differences are mandatory registration with the newly created Central Register and mandatory participation in a German nationwide dual take-back scheme, the abolition of minimum thresholds and changes to the reporting of packaging data.

Non-compliance with the new Act will result in a distribution ban and fines of up to EUR 200,000.

For more details please reach out to Jana Toon at the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce.

Ahead of Brexit and in this current economic climate, it is essential that businesses put in place measures to help them adapt to the market changes. Businesses must also keep a constant lookout for risk factors in their supply chains which could mean the difference between success or failure. By recognising and acting on the warning signs at the earliest possible opportunity you will be able to re-evaluate, improve and, where necessary, restructure your personal or business’ financial affairs.

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