‘New era of profitability’ for football clubs

The European football market is now worth a record €25.5 billion, with the Premier League delivering its “most impressive results” ever, according to latest findings.

The Annual Review of Football Finance 2018 shows the Premier League’s revenue is 86 per cent higher than any of its rivals, reflecting a new era of financial stability in football.

The significant growth in revenue, which has seen 92 Premier League and Football League clubs generate a record €5.5 billion, was brought about by the escalating value of television rights deals, in particular, the new broadcasting arrangements in England, Spain and France which have boosted revenue growth.

Dan Jones, of Deloitte, says: “Just a decade ago, 60 per cent of Premier League clubs were making an operating loss, whereas in the 2016-17 season all clubs were profitable.”

However, the report shows that Championship clubs were overspending on wages in a desperate attempt to reach the Premier League.

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