Major decline in UK homes owned through corporate structures

The number of homes in the UK valued over £2 million and owned through offshore companies has fallen by more than a fifth over the past five years. 

According to recent figures published by property group LCP, the number of homes in the UK valued at more than £2 million and held in offshore companies has dropped to 3,100, a 22 per cent decline since the introduction of new tax rules in 2013 relating to ownership structures.

“Historically, owning and holding a property within a corporate structure had financial benefits as well and enabling the owner to stay pretty much anonymous, which for famous or wealthy owners was often an important factor,” says Marcus Dixon, Head of Research at Lonres*.

However, the introduction of a new annual tax on ‘enveloped dwellings’ means that “buying and holding a property within a corporate structure is usually more expensive,” Marcus explains. Hence the increase in the number of people registering properties in their own names.

Adding to this, in April 2017 new rules were passed to say that foreigners holding residential property in offshore structures were liable to pay inheritance tax (IHT) when passing on their property.

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Source: Financial Times, 4 April 2018: Owning UK homes through offshore companies falls 22%