Long term growth in eating out

Recent research has shown that, over the last 30 years, the UK’s eating out spending as a percentage of total spent on food has doubled, with the UK’s eating out market set to reach £52b by the end of 2012 – that’s around one-third of the average consumer spending on food. (In the US it stands at half of total food spending).

Despite the recession, consumers are dining out more frequently than a year ago. But we are seeing a cultural change towards eating out, with more customers still looking for a great dining experience, but on a budget.

Discounting and vouchers have become a big part of the UK dining culture, with the research showing that 84% of operators surveyed had discounted in the past year. And, of those, half reported a 5% increase in revenue as a result.

With this rise in eating out spending, there is a strategic opportunity for good business ideas in the restaurant market, as well as an increased demand for new, innovative ways to market establishments and engage with customers to drive footfall.

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