London still leads the way for entrepreneurs and startups

We already know that London remains a favourite for startups, with a recent post-Brexit survey of 200 US business leaders and entrepreneurs showing that London is still ranked as the tech hub of Europe. But if entrepreneurs remain unsure as to whether it is still the right move to startup in the Capital, this recent news may go a long way towards reassuring them.

Not only has France's government backed lawmaker's amendments to introduce an increase in tax on shares, the EU’s economic affairs commissioner has now outlined plans for a so-called common consolidated corporate tax base which would see multinationals in low-tax countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg no longer being offered the same tax incentives.

London is an established world-leader in finance, creative industries and business services, and a growing force in newer industries such as tech, low carbon and life sciences. It offers some tempting UK tax incentives to support innovation and startup businesses, such as Entrepreneur's Relief, R&D tax credits, Enterprise Investments Schemes, and more.

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