Islington hailed as UK’s entrepreneurial centre

Islington has topped the list of the best London borough for entrepreneurs. 

London’s “Silicon Roundabout”, which is located in Islington and includes parts of Shoreditch, and the Old Street roundabout, has become a hot spot for digital and creative industries, enticing startups and entrepreneurial businesses with its educated workforce and strong digital infrastructure. Office space is also still relatively affordable, further adding to the attractiveness of the area for tech businesses.

Other boroughs sited in the top ten include Wandsworth, Camden, Hackney and Tower Hamlet. 

The research, conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, further reinforces that fact that London remains one of the key employers in the UK.

“High levels of productivity and high employment mean that start-ups can easily tap into a large pool of skilled workers – this is essential input for any small business looking to grow, which is why London boroughs score so highly,” a spokesperson for the report explains.

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