HMRC calls for football tax review

The chief executive of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Jon Thompson, has told MPs he would like to see a review into the way footballers reduce their tax bills by shielding their image rights earnings from tax.

Speaking to the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC), HMRC’s head of enforcement, Jennie Grainger, said that dozens of players, agents and football clubs were under investigation by an HMRC’s dedicated team reviewing image rights, various sports, and the entertainment industry.

“Just on football itself, in the last two years, that team, and wider across HMRC, has brought in £158m in yield,” she added.

When commenting on the legitimacy of tax claims from image rights earnings, Ms Grainger said: “Has it been properly transferred? Has it been transferred for a fair value? Should there be income coming back to the UK depending on their residency status? All of those issues can be part of this.”

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