HMRC benefiting from tax return blunders

One in six believe they have paid more tax than necessary, due to mistakes on their forms to the taxman.

With the tax return deadline of 31 January fast approaching, research by Which? shows that 28 per cent of people find the process complex, with 16 per cent feeling that they have made mistakes which have resulted in an overpayment.

With the number of accounts, receipts and records to be checked, completing a tax return is not always a straight forward process and mistakes can happen. This doesn’t however mean that you need to suffer from financial losses.

At Beavis Morgan, our diverse team of tax professionals are committed to ensuring that your tax reporting obligations are fully satisfied and that every opportunity to lawfully exploit tax savings is made known to you, restructuring your affairs in a tax effective and efficient way.

If you have any concerns relating to your tax return or wish to discuss your tax affairs in further detail, please contact your usual Beavis Morgan Partner.

Note: As of January 2018, HMRC no longer accepts payments made using personal credit cards.

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