Harry Potter star in tax dispute with HMRC

Actor Rupert Grint, who earned an estimated £24 million from playing the character Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, is fighting Revenue & Customs (HMRC) over a £1 million tax refund he believes he is owed. A previous ruling found that HMRC was entitled to block a tax return of £1 million.

In 2016, Mr Grint tried to claim back tax by changing accounting dates so 20 months of income would be taxed in 2009/10, one year before the top tax rate rose from 40 per cent to 50 per cent. The courts however ruled that, due to the fact that he had not provided a valid reason for making the change, he was not entitled to the refund.

The case has now been taken to the Upper Tribunal, where Mr Grint’s barrister is claiming that the previous judge used the wrong legal test in the ruling. HMRC is contesting the appeal, arguing that the judge made no error of law.

The court is expected to reserve judgment.

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