FSB calls on Government to improve supply chain procurement

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) has launched a new report into supply chain practices, as it calls on Government to accept a number of public procurement reforms that it believes will promote supply chain best-practice and unlock the potential of the UK’s 5.7 million small businesses.

25 per cent of businesses who are in the supply chains for public infrastructure projects experience late payment more than half the time, according to research by the FSB. However, just 12 per cent of smaller businesses in public supply chains say they have been provided with skills support.

The FSB is calling for Government to identify opportunities to split up big public procurement contracts, make better use of Dynamic Purchasing Systems and to make sure large government suppliers pay on time.

Reflecting on recent market failures, such as the collapse of Carillion, FSB Chairman, Mike Cherry says: “Healthy supply chains are a win-win for businesses and tax payers as they create genuine competition, drive productivity, help close skills gaps and fuel economic growth.

“Carillion’s collapse demonstrated the urgent need for Government embark on a positive reform agenda to increase value for money for tax payers and to minimise the risk of putting too much power in the hands of a few big firms.

“By setting a good example, Government will set down a marker for Chairs and CEOs of the UK’s largest companies so that they take accountability for embracing good supply chain practice.”

As recent events have demonstrated, it is essential that SMEs put in place a business continuity plan that takes into consideration how their business will continue if one or more of their suppliers are hit by a major incident.

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