Entrepreneurs – Britain’s secret weapon post-Brexit

A message from our Partner, Paul Ashton.

 “We are living in a time of unprecedented change and the political and economic landscape around us is transforming faster than ever before.

 ‘Uncertainty’ has become a buzz word for many businesses, as they express concern about the future; the uncertain economic outlook, and what post-Brexit trade will look like.

 But, as Britain heads towards a new chapter outside the EU, there has never been a more important time to champion the contribution UK entrepreneurs make to our economy. Fortune favours the brave and, for this group of innovators and challengers, uncertainty means just one thing: Opportunity!

UK entrepreneurs are resilient, driving innovation, excelling and leading the way into the future by finding gaps in the market and recognising opportunities. They ask the tough questions, push boundaries, solve problems and compete with big business.

 The UK tech startup sector in particular is booming, with businesses confidently revolutionising and becoming high-impact companies, increasing efficiency using their technology and adding momentum to the economy through their high growth capabilities. Their depth of skills and breadth of talent make them attractive investments for VCs globally, with UK artificial intelligence, fintech and cybersecurity startups dominating the European investment market.

 Our entrepreneurs are Britain’s secret weapon when it comes to restoring its public image post-Brexit. Government must therefore work hard to support this startup ecosystem across the UK, encouraging innovation through tax incentives, attracting inward investment, retaining talented people, and helping to create new success stories for the future.”

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