Cut taxes to benefit retailers

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has announced the prospect of introducing a tax on online retailers. However, the Sunday Telegraph’s political correspondent, Anna Mikhailova, argues against it.

According to Mr Hammond, the “Amazon Tax” would support traditional retailers, by providing a tax system which is fairer. But according to Ms Mikhailova, at a time when Britain needs to attract tech companies, it would make more sense to help traditional retailers by cutting their taxes instead.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) has warned that retailers are facing their worst year since 2008, in terms of both store closures and job losses. The CRR predicts that 10,000 stores will shut this year, of which half will be independents.

The figures have prompted renewed calls for an overhaul of business rates, which have been blamed as one of the key factors sending retailers to the wall. Federation of Small Businesses policy chairman Martin McTague says: “For too long the system has been confusing, outdated and unfair to small businesses.”

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