Accelerator Academy entrepreneurs get taste of what’s to come

This week saw the launch of the 20th Semester of The Accelerator Academy, a training, mentoring and investment programme to help emerging tech entrepreneurs build scalable, investable businesses, with the support of existing and exited entrepreneurs.

The first introductory session held on Monday evening focussed on the programme overview, highlights and goals, outlining what participants can expect to learn and achieve during for the 12-week training and mentoring programme.

As sponsors of the Academy and a partner business, Beavis Morgan was introduced to the group ahead of the Academy’s Finance Clinic which we will be running at our offices in Farringdon later this month.

The course will also cover sessions on marketing, product development, sales and CRM, differentiation, protection, protocol and legals, as well as raising finance to scale, pitching and presentation skills.

In this week’s session, participants were given the task of documenting their business proposition, outlining what their company does, the market they are operating in and their target segment within that market, their USP, marketing plans, route to market, the team, forecasts, and expected equity requirements and investor propositions.

From there they were also asked to put together an elevator statement. This is a clear, brief message of no more than 30 seconds, which describes your business – who you are, what you’re looking for and the benefits your company provides.

The output from this session will be posted to the Academy website and shared with the various partners and investors, as an introduction to the newly accepted businesses attending this semester.

Steve Govey, Beavis Morgan Client Partner and entrepreneurial business expert, comments: “This week’s introductory session showed our entrepreneurs that the more advance consideration you give to the job of starting up your business, the more likely you are to succeed.

“There are many matters you need to consider both before you go into business and during that all-important first year – market research, business forecasting, choosing the best structure to suit your business needs, establishing sound financial processes and controls, and early tax planning to help minimise your tax liabilities.

“With careful planning and the right advice business owners could earn more, and pay less in tax.

“We are looking forward to working with this season’s Academy participants and sharing our knowledge and experience of what it takes to make a business successful – and increase your net wealth.”

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